About Us

Where do you go when you want to sell your wedding dress?

That was the question Kathleen Cummins asked herself when her wedding day was over.

Sell My Wedding Dress


Kathleen and her friends all owned gorgeous wedding dresses which were still in perfect condition. They felt their dresses deserved another day out and were willing to sell them for a fraction of their original price.

Kathleen and her friends organized the first Once Worn Wedding Dress Sale in Athlone, Ireland in March 2009. The sale was such a great success that Kathleen decided to create the Sell My Wedding Dress website so that brides wouldn’t have to wait for another sale to access great bargains.

How it Works

Sell My Wedding Dress has been designed for ease of access, both for sellers and for brides to be. If you want to sell your dress, just go to the Sell My Wedding Dress, where you can upload your pictures and dress details. Or you can email your pictures and details to info@sellmyweddingdress.ieIf you looking to buy the best wedding dresses in Ireland, visit Buy my wedding dress and you’ll come across our huge collection of top quality pre-owned wedding dresses. Also, if you are a bride to be, just go to the information section for the dress you are interested in and contact the seller directly through the Contact Seller link. You can then arrange to view and try on the dress in the seller’s home.

Our Dresses

We offer a wide selection of Once-Worn, Ex-Sample and New Dresses. Wedding dresses range in price from €500 to €1800. We are committed to offering high-quality dresses at low prices. All we ask is that your dress should be in wearable condition and dry-cleaned. Each dress listing includes a picture of a dress, in most cases worn by the bride herself. But if you want to see the sample, please visit our Bridal Boutique.

Creating the Perfect Fit

Our Perfect Dress Guide will help you to find the dress that best suits your body shape. It offers information about the different body shapes and the types of dresses that suit each body shape. Our Once-Loved Wedding Dress collection offers detailed information about each dress. We want to make it as easy as possible to decide on the perfect dress.