Wedding Dress Necklines

The right neckline

can make a big difference

The right neckline can make a difference between a wedding gown that flatters and one that doesn’t. Some necklines are more flattering than others and it really depends on your body shape.

Off the shoulder


The neckline is different on the left and right of the bodice. Often described as a one shoulder design.

Good for: Small chested, Narrow shoulders, Petite
Not good for: Big cheated, Broad shoulders


This wide neckline sweeps across collarbone to the edge of the shoulders. The front and back panels are joined at the tip or can be separated by a thin strap.

Good for: Small chest, Good collarbones, Good neck, Narrow shoulders
Not good for: Large chest, Short neck, Broad shoulders


The halter features straps that wrap around the neck and generally features a low back. The design emphasises the shoulders and is best worn with minimal or no bra. Can make you look taller if petite. Can also emphasise hips.

Good for: Broad shoulders, Short waisted, Well toned arms
Not good for: Narrow shoulders, Thin figures, Big Bust

Off The Shoulder

This neckline sweeps across the chest and rests below the shoulders. This style highlights your shoulders and collarbone.

Good for: Full chested, Pear shaped, Hourglass figures
Not good for: Broad shoulders, Fuller arms, Thin frames


Similar to an off the shoulder style but made with more fabric. The portrait neckline is characterised by a wide, soft scoop from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other.

Good for: Fuller arms and prominent collarbones, Short waisted
Not good for: Undefined collarbones, Broad shoulders


This classic U-shaped neckline is usually cut low and continues its rounded feature at the back of the dress. A very popular style that is great on most figure types.

Good for: All shapes apart from the big busted
Not good for: Big Busted

V neck


The neckline is usually straight supported by thin delicate straps. Often these are detachable. Spaghetti straps can create a frame for a pretty neck and can minimise big shoulders.

Good for: Small – average chest, Big Shoulders
Not good for: Full figured, Narrow shoulders, Angular shoulders, Large arms


A very popular style that features a straight or shaped line that sweeps across the chest. As the name indicates, the neckline is strapless. The bodice is usually bonded to provide support and help maintain the dress shape.

Good for: Great shoulders and collarbones, Full figured, Hourglass, Petite
Not good for: Small chest, Short neck, Square shoulders, Big Bust unless well supported


This low neckline resembles the top half of a heart and incorporates a high back. This style is ideal for large chested women. The 2nd most popular style for brides after strapless.

Good for: Large chest, Hourglass
Not good for: Small chest, Short neck, Wide neck

V Neck

This neckline features a V shaped that is ideal for brides who have a medium chest and want to accentuate cleavage.

Good for: Medium size chests, Narrow to medium shoulders
Not good for: Small or large chest, Angular shoulders